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There are generally four kinds of lip shapes. Your pout may fall under one category or be a mix of two. Check out this helpful illustration I got from Max Factor UK’s Facebook page:


1. Curved

Makeup tips: All you need a little more defining of your lip shape. Using a lip liner in a shade that’s lighter than your lipstick, outline your lips. Don’t be afraid to go slightly outside the lines. Fill it in with a bold lipstick, starting over the line your just drew. Gloss is optional.

2. Strong

Makeup tips: You and your lucky Angelina Jolie-esque lips! You don’t even need a lip liner. Just apply a strong lip tint or bold lipstick color then top it off with gloss for a seductive finish.


 Lip essentials. What’s your go-to lip color?

3. Thin

Makeup tips: Make lip liner your best friend. For fuller lips, outline using a dark lip liner. Fill in your lips using a dark shade (such as wine or ruby red), starting over the lip line and onto the inner part of the lips. Blend a lighter shade of lippie in the same color family onto the inner part of the lips. Top with gloss. The two-toned color (not exactly ombre) will give the illusion of fuller lips.

4. Full

Makeup tips: Define the bow edges with a lip liner, and then fill in your lips with a strong lip color.

What’s your lip shape, bellas? What lippie colors do you love using? Chat with us in the comments section below.

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Photos from Max Factor UK

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  1. I have curved lips.

  2. I think mine is curve too.

  3. Why o I think I have curved, strong, and full lips? In which sometimes I’m scared to try bold lipstick shades because, it makes me like a clown for wearing a red shade lippie! But I think it’s my asset, same with Angelina Jolie and Anne Curtis’ lips! hahaha kapal lang 😀

  4. I have thin lips! Time to become more adventurous with lip liners 🙂

  5. Bold lipsticks are perfect for my curved lips!

  6. Thanks for the info… nice to know what kind of lippies to use…

  7. i have full lips and i use color sensational from maybelline

  8. I have strong lips and the simple information is great help! Thanks!

  9. I have full lips and I love doing ombre style on my lippie.

  10. I have curved lips and im always struggling with lipsticks.. arghh.

  11. cool write-up! now it makes me appreciate more my strong, voluptuous lips! haha! 🙂

  12. I think , I don’t know how to do this correctly.

  13. Thank you for this very useful information… 🙂

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