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Being a member of the fairer sex guarantees exhaustive measures of personal grooming and care. A man uses his underarm hair to display an aura of machismo or masculinity while having dark, hairy or not-so-smooth underarms for the ladies is often judged upon. As if these steps aren’t very common knowledge, talking about it in circles is often taboo, too.

What’s a bella to do?

Hair removal options

What’s your preferred underarm hair removal technique? Photo from Gillette.

There’s always waxing (a favorite), plucking (the most basic of all), and shaving (my least favorite and have never tried).

Waxing. According to one too many dermatology centers I’ve been to, waxing is the least painful hair removal process that does not cause as much strain to the underarm pores. For waxing, always remember not to scrub and wet the waxed area for at least five hours after to let the pores recover.

Plucking, on the other hand, is more of a stopgap solution available to us with the minimal requirement of a trusty tweezer (Tweezerman is a worthy investment). Like waxing, plucking stresses out the pores, so remember to do this only at night after a warm shower.

Shaving is a technique I have never tried and have always been against because of its perceived effect that friction will make the underarms darker. A tip for those who prefer shaving: I believe, as my shaving friends say, that moisturizing the underarms does help keep its natural color.


On keeping it smelling fresh

Contrary to the idea that sweat contributes to bad body odor, it is actually bacteria that does. While there’s an array of deodorants and antiperspirants in the market, make sure your underarms are free of bacteria by cleaning it well. Scrub your underarms with a soft cloth while taking a shower. You can also employ a trick that I personally do: use a toner (such as Eskinol) about twice a week before applying moisturizer, prior to sleeping.

During the day

If it can’t be helped and one sweats profusely throughout the day, use a sheet or two of cleansing wipes (I personally like those green tea and mint ones) to wipe your underarms and/or upper body. Not only does this leave you fresh, your underarms will reset to its clean state, too!

And to help you keep your underarms fresh, here are three types of deodorants to choose from. Who knew there could be more than one? Different strokes for different folks.

1. If you need all day protection:

a. VMV Axillight Illuminants Antiperspirant, P890. When it comes to all-day dryness, trust the ones that make your underarm feel driest. When I used this deodorant, in a matter of minutes, I felt that my underarms were rubbing against each other—a sign that they were dry. While I don’t really sweat a lot and have not played football in a while to test it out, I do know that I stayed dry the entire day despite having to walk under the sun during the building fire drill. As an added tip, a friend whose feet sweats a lot has been using this on her toes and she reports that she’s been sweat-free ever since. The only downside I can think of for this product is that it lacks scent and may even be too strong for some, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

b. Snoe Under Armed Forces, P495. Also a spray-on deodorant, this concoction can be thought of as a less expensive version of VMV Axilight Illuminants. The difference is that it is lightly scented but does the job equally well and keeps the underarms dry.

2. If you need to have zero stain on your blacks and whites:

a. Nivea Invisible Antiperspirant, P170. When Nivea sent me this deo some months ago, I literally squealed in joy. The problem with the usual roll-ons and deodorant sticks is that they tend to stain the clothes no matter how long I air dry my underarms before putting on my clothes. Thankfully, this spray-on does the job of zero stains and gives decent protection, too.

3. If you want a refreshing deodorant:

a. L’Occitane Verbena Cooling Deodorant Stick. No one does fresh like L’Occitane does. Every single product from this brand smells fresh and yummy and this is no exception!

What are you favorite deodorant brands, bellas? And what are your kili-kili care tips?

Beauty Directory:

L’Occitane En Provence Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Makati; SM Mall of Asia; Resorts World Manila; Rustan’s Department Stores;;;

Nivea Available at all leading groceries, beauty hubs, and department stores nationwide;;

Snoe Beauty Click here for a list of branches;;

VMV VMV Skin-Specialist Boutiques are located in UG Floor Galeria de Curba Expansion, Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, (02) 809-1785; Space# 3106 Level 3 West Wing, Robinson’s Galleria, Quezon City, (02) 637-0449; Unit 741 2nd Floor Glorietta 3, Makati City, (02) 556-1022; 1H12 Bonifacio Global City Highstreet, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, (02) 856-5872; Unit 202 Rockwell Center, Power Plant Mall, Makati City, (02) 890-8155; M3 Level, Trinoma Edsa cor North Avenue, Quezon City, (02) 900-0803; Stall E210 Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, (6332) 238-2637; Level II, Abreeza Mall, Bajada, Davao City, (6382) 321-2957; Space# GK 17, Ayala Harbor Point Mall, Rizal Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, (63932) 851-9746. VMV Skin-Specialist Centre + Clinics,  117 Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, (02) 811-2449.;

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  1. I use calamansi or Tawas when I’m at home but Dove deo (any variant) works well for me. No stain and not pricey. I used to pluck my pits and you know how hard it is to pluck on your own. Then I tried shaving but my pits get so irritated when hair started to grow back in. So I went to waxing and I’ve no complaints ever since.

  2. When I was young, puberty stage I tried shaving because it’s the easiest thing to do than plucking which is I felt so painful. But my underarm hair became coarse plus it grows back fast! 🙁 So I opted to plucking, which is so hassle because every hair needs to plucked out! Coming from shaving… there’s a LOT of hair to pluck. And then, my friend suggests we try waxing. And then I tried it, it was SOOOO PAINFUL. (I have a low tolerance level for pain). Literally, “TIIS GANDA”. With waxing, underarm hair will lessen the growth, although there is still the chicken skin, and a week for it to grow back again.
    But then I thought I can’t do shaving anymore because my armpit gets darker and darker. I can’t do plucking also because it’s too much hassle. So, waxing is good for me. I just have to wait for 3 or more weeks to let it grow for at least 1 inch haha. So it can be waxed. But now that there’s IPL, I’m thinking to try that too. I need to save money first. I’m too balbon kasi haha

  3. Would you know how much is the L’Occitane? I am so tempted to try it based on your description above 🙂 What I have tried so far is the Belo Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and I really like it — it is scented but very mild so it does not irritate my underarm. It’s antiperspirant component really works wonders! Just be careful if you wear your dark clothes as it can give you those annoying white stains / marks.

  4. I only use tawas. It’s natural, super affordable and doesn’t darken the underarm.

  5. I’ve been waxing my underarm with cold wax for 3 years now, it’s easy to use and not as painful as other types of wax. I often switch brands of deodorant after I run out of one.

  6. My skin is always the sensitive one. i have been a VMV baby eversince I was introduced to them, I use their VMV Essence Anti-Perpirant. It doesn’t have a scent and wont make me smell like I have “putok” . Even my husband uses it also. 🙂

  7. I used to go to a derm clinic for waxing (as I don’t want to do it on my own) but I stopped as I find it expensive especially in my case where I usually work at night (under arm hair grows faster when ‘puyat’). I switched to using the shaver. I’ve been using the Schick Intuition shaver for 3 years now. It has a soap around the shaver’s blade that makes the hair and skin soft and easy to shave especially during shower.

    For the deodorant, I am currently using the one from Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Anti-Perspirant Roll-On as the one I like from The Body shop that I bought abroad is not available in Manila. I get irritated to most of the commercial deodorants for some reason even if it is designed for sensitive skin. But thank you Tara for sharing the other options in the market that I could try.

  8. before i plucking, but my eyes hurt when i do that because i couldn’t see clearly the part that i plucking and it hurts so i prefer shaving. I shave once a week since i’m wearing a shirt, it hides my underarm. i’m only shaves if i’m wearing a sleeveless.

  9. <3

  10. My ever problem, dark underarms. I’m really becoming conscious when wearing swimwear or sleeveless dress/shirt. i think i’ll be starting to use natural remedies first, calamansi,ü

  11. I use Milcu when I am at home. But since it does not work well as an antiperspirant I use Dove when going out.

  12. I use dove spray and it works for me, but I haven’t tried it in very hot situations… I’m still yet to try the whitening variant, though.

  13. I have Nivea Invisible for months now. I hate the sticky feeling roll-ons leave that’s why i shifted to this one 🙂

  14. I’ve tried all kinds of deodorants and only Secret Platinum worked for me. It keeps me dry & fresh all day. It doesn’t make my underarms dark either. I’m really glad I finally found the one for me.

  15. I’ve been using cold wax at home for 1 year already. My armpit had never been dark and no ‘chicken skin’.. I also don’t use any deodorant eversince and I never smelled. I swear and I challenged my aunt who doesn’t believe I don’t smell when I sweat. And tada! After playing badminton for 3 hours and literally taking a shower with my own sweat… I asked her to smell it and if it smells bad then I’ll give her a thousand php. I haven’t used any deo bec I felt sticky when I tried one before and I think I don’t need one. Maybe it’s about hygiene after all.

  16. i’m fortunate to have light underarms which my friends have noticed. they’ve asked what my secret is. actually, my go-to is shaving, but i only do it once a week, at night (so there’s time for the skin to heal). and rexona has worked for me all these years — inexpensive yet effective. my other favorite is dove. but thanks for the article!

  17. I’ve been waxing for almost 2 years now and it does the job of having whiter and smoother underarm. I’ve been using natural products also for less chemicals , the one I’ve been using is Human Heart Nature deodorant. I pamper my underarm at night by applying sunflower oil (by HHN also).

  18. I tried shaving and plucking and I dont have a very dark underarm.

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