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If you have blue eyeshadow and have no idea how to wear it, don’t fret. Blue is actually a very refreshing color to wear. Personally, I don’t believe in rules like not wearing blue eyeshadow because it doesn’t fit us because, or that there is always the right shade and way of wearing blue. Besides, since we Asians have naturally brown eyes, we can actually pull off a lot of eyeshadow colors.

There are various ways to wear blue eyeshadow without looking like we time-travelled to the 80s. If you have that pan or pot of blue eyeshadow that has been sitting too long in your makeup box, here are four ways to wear blue without looking too dated:

1. A wash of color on the lids


Say goodbye to last season’s colors by adding a bit of fresh blue on our lids. Pat some icy blue shadow on your lids and blend upwards towards the crease. Contour with a darker blue or brown to create depth and highlight the browbone with a neutral color. Line eyes. Add mascara. Finished.

2. Colored eyeliner


Blue eyeliner? Why not! Add just a pop of color instead of spending an entire hour on eye makeup. Here’s how: Line your bottom lashline with blue eyeliner (I used the blue eyeliner from Covergirl Liquiline blast) and set it with blue eyeshadow to prevent runny blue racoon eyes. Do a black cat eye on the top lashline, curl lashes, apply lots of mascara, and you’re done.

Option: If you have time, accent the tips of your eyelashes with colored mascara. If you’re feeling artsty, use colored liner for the cat eye and apply regular mascara after.

3. Smokey blue eyes



If you just love the smoky eye and refuse to let it go even during the summer, use a sparkly navy color instead of the usual blacks, grays, and browns. First, highlight your browbone with a nice, neutral color (I used MAC Shroom). Then pat a bit of navy eyeshadow and blend towards the crease. Contour with a bit of dark gray on the crease and blend some black on the outer V of your eyes to add some depth. Line your eyes with a soft, smudgy black eyeliner and blend into the lash roots. To prevent racoon eyes, set your black liner with matte black powder. Highlight the inner corner of your lashes with the same browbone color or a lighter blue color. Curl lashes and apply lots of mascara on the top and bottom lashes to frame your dramatic eye.

4. Make your brown less dull



Dab a bit of navy on the outer V of the eyes, just near where the contour color is. Blend well with a fluffy blending brush (I used Beauty Cosmetics blending brush). If you’re pretty new to this technique, I suggest just adding a just a little bit and blending as you go because it’s much easier than putting a lot of color and then removing afterwards. You may also add a bit on the outer edge of the contour color. Blend well.


1. Have you ever wondered why neutral eyeshadow palettes often include a pan of blue eyeshadow? Blue helps create a subtle dimension to make brown eyeshadow look less dull. I use this sometimes on my brides and I like how it makes the eyes pop and the color look less flat.

2. Wondering what to pair your blue eyeshadow with? Blue and orange complement each other in the color wheel, so you may want to use corals and peaches for your cheek and lip color. Bonus: These shades also help enhance your tan! Go for a bit of flush of peach on cheeks and a nice coral gloss or sheer lipstick in a moisturizing formula. Some ladies may swipe a cool pink or lilac lip gloss and highlight the cheekbones with some shimmer powder to keep things cool.

3. The key to creating nice smoky eyes is to make sure everything is well-blended.

4. Feel free to experiment. Have fun with any look and make it your own!

Bambi Dela Cruz is a makeup artist, Yoga instructor, pole dancer, and cat lover. Visit her blog, Makeup by Bambi and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Bambi Dela Cruz

Bambi Dela Cruz is a makeup artist, Yoga instructor, pole dancer, and cat lover. Visit her blog, Makeup by Bambiand follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Wow! I love blue. Will definitely do this.

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