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After three pregnancies, my tummy area is a stretched-out mess. What used to be taut and firm skin is now flabby, loose and riddled with cellulite and dark spots. I’m seriously considering going to a dermatologist to ask for a tightening treatment, but this can be expensive so I’m not sold on this option yet.

Frances shows us how to look slimmer this summer.

Frances shows us how to look slimmer this summer.

Plus, summer is already here. There’s no time for treatment sessions! If you’re like me, Bellas, who suffer a bit of loose flab around the midsection, take heart! We don’t need to be covered up at the beach just yet. We need only to follow a few of these tips:

1. Try dry brushing your skin. If you have two weeks or so before hitting the beach, try this celebrity secret. Dry brushing is using a brush to stroke your dry skin. It encourages lymphatic drainage (so you’re not puffy), eases the appearance of cellulite, helps with bowel movements (so you can have a slightly smaller tummy!), stimulates circulation, and exfoliates skin.

2. Avoid salty food. Too much salt may make you retain water, resulting to bloat.

3. Walk everywhere. Nothing beats exercise for a fit body! If you can’t hit the gym (and most moms have a hard time doing so), walk. You can also try incorporating workout moves while cleaning the house or while sitting at your office desk. Any movement helps burn fat!

4. Moisturize everything. Soft skin is good skin. It glows under the sun. Just make sure you don’t use whitening lotions before going to the beach because whitening formulas inhibit melanin production, and melanin is what protects our skin from the sun’s harmful rays.


5. Be hair-free. Get thee to a waxing salon and get rid of hair under the arms, on legs and bikini area.

6. Wear a swimsuit that doubles as a girdle. When all else fails, buy a swimsuit that acts as shape wear. It will keep your tummy tucked in tight and give you smooth and luscious curves instead!

Frances is a mommy to three little boys but she doesn’t let the busyness of motherhood stop her from trying to look pretty! For more on her stylish adventures as a mom, visit Topaz Mommy or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Photos by Vince Sales

Frances Sales

Writer, blogger, and magazine editor for many years, Frances Amper Sales has learned a lot about style and beauty. Yet it was only when she became a wife and mommy (to three cute boys!) that she applied what she knows about skincare, hairstyling and makeup. She realized that she needs to take care of herself now, more than ever! She now shares all that she's learned about mommy care to all you Bellas. Follow her family adventures, too, on Topaz Mommy.

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  1. what is the brand of the swimsuit that france wore?

  2. Hi Darly, the brand of Frnaces’ swimsuit is Anemone from Nothing But H2O. Here’s their website =)

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