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The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick takes the form of a jumbo twist-up pencil with 1.6g (0.05oz) of product. The outside labels the color and displays the same color you get inside which is real pretty. And it also shows that it’s “Made in Thailand.”

It retails for P695 and available online in the shades Siberian Quart, Nevada Gold and Cyprus Bronze at The Body Shop stores nationwide.

The Body Shop website claims that it is:

“Designed to make your natural eye colour pop with sparkle…Show your true colours and stand out from the crowd this party season with high-definition eye colour that lasts. We love the chunky stick design for creating the perfect eyeshadow shapes, shading, flicks and wings.”

And goes on to list its qualities:

  • High-definition metallic eyeshadow stick in plum
  • Intense long-lasting colour
  • Waterproof
  • 100% vegetarian make-up
  • Enriched with Community Trade babassu oil and beeswax

May I also add that this brand is cruelty-free? 😉 


So I got the chance to test this baby out in the color Siberian Quartz and the results were stunning. It’s a plummy amethyst color with gold glitter which I believe compliments every eye color, especially brown eyes. It really makes them pop!

The formula applies as a buildable creamy pigment which is blendable enough to create various eye looks. It’s perfect to use as an eye base or on its own. Just apply it directly to the eyelid and use your ring finger or a flat eye shadow brush to pat the product in. You can blend it out for smokey eyes, or build a wing liner depending how intense you want your look to be. You just have to work with it quickly because this thing sets real fast. And it won’t budge for the rest of the day!

Here are two eye looks I also created using The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick.

You can get really creative with just one Colour Stick! Start with something simple for a day look and then build it up for an evening date. It’s even perfect for days you just don’t want to put on a whole bunch of eye shadow, or if you’re on-the-go. Plus it’s vegan so it’s skin-friendly for everyday use!

However, I did find the formula harden a bit when it’s uncapped for too long. But it’s an easy fix. Just warm up the product on the back of your hand until it becomes creamy again, before application.

It also kinda smells like metal but it’s okay because it’s only going on the eyes. And if for some reason you do cry, or if it starts to rain on your walk, your eyes are still going to stay fabulous. It’s truly waterproof! I tried washing it with water and soap, and it was even hard smudging it off! The only thing that will get this off is oil-based makeup remover, unless you have oily eyelids like me. So I suggest powdering them before application, otherwise it’ll fade a tiny bit. But still it’ll last for more than 12 hours. Which is pretty good, from my observation.

After weeks of using The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick, I was able to create simple eye looks with ease, even in my Uber rides! I didn’t have to worry about bringing a lot of makeup because this product was just so easy to use. And it definitely lived up to ALL of its claims which I don’t find in other eyeshadow sticks that claim the same things. It totally beats them all!

I’d definitely collect all the other shades as well because they’re not only handy but gorgeous as well.

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