Nutrient-Rich Food for Healthy Hair

We’re used to lathering on beauty products on our skin and hair, but I’ve always believed that it’s more essential to watch what we eat. Here are some nutrient-rich foods that helped me in achieving shiny, healthy hair. 1. Carrots. The vitamin A in carrots are known to give our hair that shiny, well-conditioned look […]

By Valerie Tan

5-Minute Workout, Part 2

This is part 2 of my 5-minute workout series. The first version that we published early this month targets beginners, so for a more advanced routine, I approached Nikki Torres, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher, dance fitness trainer, and fitness blogger at Pretty Darn Fit. She helped me come up with a more challenging, yoga-inspired 5-minute exercise. […]

5-Minute Workout, Part 1

Are you so busy and pressed for time that all you have is a few minutes per day for exercise? There’s hope for your limited schedule! I asked Manuel Ignacio, pole instructor and pole dancer at Polecats Manila, to help me come up with a short but effective beginner’s workout program that I can do anytime […]

Review: Colgate Optic White

Deck: This Toothpaste Made My Teeth Shinier

Fruits and Veggies That Made My Skin Look Better

I agree that beauty comes from the inside. I noticed that whenever my diet is unhealthy, my skin is not as good or as clear as I want it to be. When I incorporated healthier choices in my diet, I noticed that certain fruits and vegetables really do have a positive effect on the texture […]

By Barbi Chan

Weekday Workouts for Busy Bellas

Exercise has a lot of health benefits, not just in losing the extra weight and jiggle. It boosts our mood (remember what Elle Woods said about endorphins?), lowers the risk of health ailments like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and later on, improves the quality of our life as we age. As a yoga teacher, I tell […]

Review: Fine Diet Coffee

I chanced upon this coffee while shopping at SaSa (my most favorite Asian beauty store). The coffee name sounds funny (as most Japanese items when translated to English) and I got sales-talked by the lady there. So of course, I bought one and immediately tried it when I got home. This sugar-free coffee contains dietary […]

By Barbi Chan

Beware the Foot Spa!

Our favorite relaxing kikay treat can put our toes at risk!

How to Look Like You Had a Good Night’s Sleep

People don’t need to know you didn’t get a wink last night. Here’s all you need.

Review: Motherlove Sitz Bath Spray

Just popped out a baby? Soothe the soreness down there with this convenient spray!

My Trick to Drinking More Water

Water is a big part of staying healthy and beautiful. Here’s one way to chug it up!