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When I was in second grade, I remember my teacher asking us to choose between ballet and gymnastics for our PE class. I went to an all-girls school so no options like football or lacrosse were available. Having a dislike for the color of blush, which was the uniform of ballet, I chose gymnastics, which had an all-black uniform, and got into this sport for a long time.


Now in my late twenties, I’ve developed an affinity for the color of blush, ballet, and the art of being gracefully athletic. Since I haven’t really gotten down to actually studying ballet again, it’s nice to be able to just get into ballerina stuff once in a while, like this new fragrance from ballet shoe maker, Repetto.

A satin ribbon tied round the ankle. A body suspended in the air, defying all possibilities. The stunning frisson of swishing tulle. The absolute grace that strikes you from the heart. For more than 65 years, Repetto has been taking its inspiration from exceptional women who achieve the impossible on a daily basis. From principal dancers who defy gravity to young prodigies full of hope, they inspire the dreams of little girls as much as they nourish the search for perfection for the older ones.

Get a bottle of Repetto for P2,698 (30ml), P3,598 (50ml), or P4,998 (100ml).

Get a bottle of Repetto for P2,698 (30ml), P3,598 (50ml), or P4,998 (100ml).

Rose is the fragrance’s spine, rolling over the skin like a satin ribbon. A rhythmical choreography that opens with the optimistic entrechats of pear and cherry blossom accords. We also recognize the precious essence of rose fusing with orange blossom. A bewitching floral heart that arches towards the powdery base like a dancer in her partner’s arms. Then comes the sensual pas de deux between the vanilla pod and the warmth of the amber wood to create absolute equilibrium. A tender, delicate, refined perfume.

Tara’s take: Prior to opening the fragrance, I was expecting the fragrance to be sweet and mild. Repetto, the fragrance, takes away my breath though and exceeds my expectations. The fragrance tore it apart and swooped in with an amazing mishmash of enchanting roses, musks and cherry blossom. It’s mild, all right, but you know any woman who wears this is strong, knows her capabilities and uses them, have had the practice of ballet form her body over years of training, and can kick your face if she has to.

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