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One of the most common makeup booboos that people make is purchasing a concealer shade that’s closest to their natural skin tone. Taking a cue from professional makeup artists, choosing a concealer entails more than dabbing a natural shade of concealer on your eyebags and zits. There are actually many colors of concealers available, and you need to know which color hides what. Referring to the color wheel below, choose the color you want to conceal or neutralize, and then look at the color directly across it—that is the concealer color you need to use.

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I used to purchase different types and colors of concealers from different makeup brands, but with Max Factor’s new collection of Color Corrector Sticks, you can get them all from just one counter.

I felt like a kid who was given a new set of crayons—only this time I received six CC concealer sticks of different colors.

Color Class

Before anything else, let us first review the different shades of concealer and what they’re for.

Green, The Reducer
Green, The Reducer

1. Green
For: neutralizing redness such as pimples, rosacea, blemishes, port-wine stains, and rough spots
How to use: Apply gently over the blemish and blend softly into the skin. If you need to apply primer and foundation, apply them on top after the concealer.

Yellow, The Brightener
Yellow, The Brightener

2. Yellow
For: concealing purplish to bluish areas such as undereye circles, visible purple veins, and bruises
How to use: Apply a small amount gently under the eye area using your ring finger, and then pat gently with a foundation brush. Apply foundation after.

Pink, The Balancer
Pink, The Balancer

3. Pink
For: neutralizing dark spots in lighter skin tones
How to use: Apply a small amount directly onto the centre of the affected area and blend gently. Do not fully conceal the dark spot; simply pinpoint on the centre. Apply your foundation after.

Peach, The Balancer
Peach, The Balancer

4. Peach
For: neutralizing bluish to greenish spots such as undereye circles, spider veins, and dark spots in darker skin tones
How to use: Apply a small amount directly onto the centre of the blemish or imperfection and blend gently. Do not fully conceal the dark spot; simply pinpoint on the centre. Apply your foundation after.

Max Factor_CC Sticks_Brightener_Lilac_Ecommerce_Cutout_Low Res

Purple, The Revitalizer

5. Purple
For: hiding yellow bruises, brightening dull and sallow skin, and covering dark under-eye circles and dark spots on darker skin tones
How to use: Apply gently in all yellow or sallow areas of the skin, blend in gently, and then apply foundation on top.

Champagne, The Illuminator
Champagne, The Illuminator

6. Champagne
For: highlighting the cheekbones and eye area
How to use: Apply foundation first, and then highlight the cheekbones and inside area of the eye zone with the champagne CC stick.

CC Stick Review

To complement Max Factor Philippines’ CC Cream and Facefinity Primer, the Color Corrector or CC Sticks were launched to help both professional makeup artists and rookies achieve a flawless finish.

Caption: Max Factor Color Corrector Sticks, P695 each.
Max Factor Color Corrector Sticks, P695 each.

I used the Max Factor Facefinity Primer with SPF 20, P925, on top of the CC sticks, and it helped keep my face matte all day! It controlled the oiliness of my T-zone.

1. The pencil/crayon form makes it easy to apply.
2. No need for messy sharpening; just twist the bottom of the stick to push the concealer upwards.
3. Each stick targets a specific flaw or blemish.
4. Each stick is labelled with the specific flaw it targets, such as redness or dullness, so you don’t need to memorize the color-coding scheme.
5. May be used with or without foundation and/or primer
6. May be used for other body parts aside from the face. I used the green stick to cover the leg bruises I got from playing with my big, crazy dogs.

1. Tends to be dry, even for my normal skin
2. The concealer is soft enough, but not as blendable as the liquid type, especially around the eye area.

Tip: Max Factor recommends using the CC Sticks before the primer, while some beauty bloggers prefer using it after the primer and right before the foundation. As for me, it works better before primer. I suggest you experiment and see which makeup ritual works for your skin.

Now that you’ve learned more about color-coded concealers, would your purchase these crayons for grownups?

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