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After I fell in love with Lancôme’s Genifique Yeux Eye Cream last year, I just knew I couldn’t try any other eye cream again. That is until Lancôme gave me a bottle of the Absolue Yeux Global Multi-Restorative Eye Concentrate. Same beauty company, same target area, but a different product. Surely I will love the results, right?

Right! I definitely love this!

Lancôme Absolue Yeux Eye Concentrate

Lancôme Absolue Yeux Eye Concentrate, P6,995

This is an eye serum, which means you apply it before a proper eye cream. It is such a wonder product that Allure has included Lancôme Absolue Yeux Global Multi-Restorative Eye Concentrate in these lists and articles: Best of Beauty 2014, Eye Creams Our Editors Swear By, Editors’ Favorites, How to Make Your Eyes Look Younger—Right Now, Get Gorgeous in 10 Minutes.

If the best beauty magazine ever is raving about it, then I’m sure to go crazy over it. And I did! Here’s my review:

What I liked:
1. The bottle. I don’t like it when treatments come in jars (the way Genifique’s eye cream did) because the active ingredients get exposed to the air, to bacteria. Bottles ensure the product doesn’t get contaminated.
2. That beautiful golden liquid! Just look at it!
3. The texture is smooth, light, delicate, and perfect! It’s easy to apply because the serum just glides everywhere. That means no tugging at delicate skin.
4. It’s supposed to be a serum, which means you apply an eye cream on top. But it’s moisturizing enough on its own.
5. It works. My eyes look so much better! My eye area doesn’t look so dark anymore, and fine lines and wrinkles have faded away! I look so awake!

What I didn’t like:
The price. This tiny bottle costs P6,995. Good heavens!

Conclusion: I think I found the eye cream for me! But I can’t afford it!

Frances is a mommy to three little boys but she doesn’t let the busyness of motherhood stop her from trying to look pretty! For more on her stylish adventures as a mom, visit Topaz Mommy or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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Frances Sales

Writer, blogger, and magazine editor for many years, Frances Amper Sales has learned a lot about style and beauty. Yet it was only when she became a wife and mommy (to three cute boys!) that she applied what she knows about skincare, hairstyling and makeup. She realized that she needs to take care of herself now, more than ever! She now shares all that she's learned about mommy care to all you Bellas. Follow her family adventures, too, on Topaz Mommy.

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