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Everyone needs a good exfoliation now and then to slough off dead skin cells and bring out that lovely fresh skin just waiting underneath. I regularly exfoliate my face but I keep forgetting to do the same for my body. That’s why my elbows, knees, legs and feet are so rough!

There are a lot of scrubs on the market but I discovered this new body scrub in the October 2014 edition of BDJ Box. I just love how I find so many nice kikay goodies in BDJ Box! Here’s my short review:


What I love:
I love that My Choice Spa Salt is really just salt. What that means is no harsh chemicals and it dissolves. I felt guilty when I learned that the micro-beads many products use in their scrubs harm the environment. These beads that we wash down the drain without another thought affect other organisms or pile up as pollutants in bodies of water. Micro-beads are terrible!

If you want a good scrub, excellent alternatives to these harmful beads are a loofah, body brush, washcloth, pumice stone, salt, and sugar. My Choice Spa Salt Goat’s Milk variant is really just salt coated in goat’s milk. Yes, I tasted it! Salt acts as an abrasive and milk acts a moisturizer. All natural, all safe for you and the environment!

I’m all smooth, silky, and soft after every shower with My Choice Spa Salt!

What I also love:
The scent (it’s a subtle, creamy whiff), the size (it’s a very big bottle!), and the price (just P100!)

What I don’t love:
The packaging is ugly. Aside from the goat in front bathing in its own milk, what really put me off was the wrong grammar on the product label. I couldn’t bring myself to use these bath salts for weeks because I had the impression that wrong grammar may mean poor quality.

Wrong grammar can put a product's integrity in question.

Wrong grammar can put a product’s integrity in question.

My Choice Spa Salt is wonderful, though, definitely a high quality product even with the cheap price. I’m definitely adding this wonderful salt scrub in my bath must-haves. Can’t wait to try the other variants—there’s cucumber, carrot, orange, mango, coconut, and fruity mix!

Frances is a mommy to three little boys but she doesn’t let the busyness of motherhood stop her from trying to look pretty! For more on her stylish adventures as a mom, visit Topaz Mommy or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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Frances Sales

Writer, blogger, and magazine editor for many years, Frances Amper Sales has learned a lot about style and beauty. Yet it was only when she became a wife and mommy (to three cute boys!) that she applied what she knows about skincare, hairstyling and makeup. She realized that she needs to take care of herself now, more than ever! She now shares all that she's learned about mommy care to all you Bellas. Follow her family adventures, too, on Topaz Mommy.

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