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I diligently remove my makeup before bed no matter how tired I am. So when I woke up the next morning, I was surprised to see lipstick stains on my pillow. Since I was out the whole day, I just assumed that it was all gone by the time I got home since I didn’t see any color on my lips anymore.


Is your favorite lipstick the culprit? Photo copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo.

But my eyes must’ve tricked me! Even though it looked like my pout was makeup-free, it really wasn’t! There was probably a light layer of pigment left and a little bit of product trapped in between the tiny lines on my mouth. The beauty lesson: Don’t forget to swipe your lips with a cottonball soaked in a little water-based makeup remover. This will help prevent the skin on your lips from darkening, getting dry, or chapped.

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Nicole Romero

Beauty expert Nicole Romero joins our pool of editors for the BDJBox Beauty Ministry! Nicole has studied how to do makeup professionally and spent years working as a beauty editor for several top magazines in the country including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, OK!, and Candy. Check out her new beauty blog at

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