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    Rainy Day Wants

    There’s something about the gloomy, rainy weather that makes me want to go… shopping! Okay, okay, perhaps I’m just looking for another excuse to splurge, but who could resist these beauty trends I found online?

    By Kate Alvarez |

1. Havaianas Color Changing Umbrella


The tiniest drop of rain can turn my curls into a jungle of frizz! Whenever it drizzles I make sure I have a foldable umbrella in my bag or a big umbrella in my car to keep my hair from the elements of nature. Now here’s a cool umbrella from Havaianas. It changes color depending on the elements that get in contact with its fabric! You can get it for P220 with every two pairs of regular priced flip-flops or a P1,500 purchase.

2. Denim Nails


When it comes to nails, I’m usually low maintenance (or no maintenance, haha!), but this cool collab between Nylon Mag and Miss Pop is now on my to-do list! A manicure that looks like ripped denim jeans? Count me in!

3. Pearl Hair




It may be storm season in the Philippines, but this summer beauty trend from the US is here to stay. Pearl hair comes from the phenomenon of different colors emitting when light reflects on a pearl. I’d love to try this look, but I sure hope it won’t wash off easily.  


4. H&M Beauty



Swedish retail brand H&M is launching a 700-piece beauty collection this fall. The Daily Mail reported that they are launching 1.) H&M Beauty, which will have affordable drugstore price tags, 2.) a subsidiary premium beauty range, and 3.) an eco-friendly products. The collections will be available in 900 H&M stores around the world. I can’t wait!

5. Star Wars Makeup

The force is strong with Covergirl as their latest limited-edition collection is inspired by the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Give in to the dark side with Covergirl’s metallic, futuristic pop lippies!

For more of Kate’s travel adventures, visit her blog, Kate Was Here, or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Featured photo from Havaianas’ Instagram

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Covergirl Available at all leading department stores and beauty hubs nationwide;;

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