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After I realized that waxing my brows every two weeks will make my the skin on my upper lids sag, I quit cold turkey and have been grooming my own brows ever since. Tweezing is a bit more tedious than waxing or threading, but I like being able to groom my eyebrows sans the worry that my aesthetician will leave me with—gasp!—90s-thin brows!

If you prefer to tweeze your brows also, here’s the best trick I can give you to make the process more pain-free: Pluck your brows right after you shower. It’s important that the skin is soft before you tweeze, so that the strand can be yanked out a lot more easily.

Tip: If you’re plucking on-the-go, just dab a cottonball or some tissue soaked in warm water over your skin to prep it for de-fuzzing. Give it a try—you’ll notice that you’ll get less ingrowns and feel less pain this way.

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Nicole Romero

Beauty expert Nicole Romero joins our pool of editors for the BDJBox Beauty Ministry! Nicole has studied how to do makeup professionally and spent years working as a beauty editor for several top magazines in the country including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, OK!, and Candy. Check out her new beauty blog at

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