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I used to hate nude lips. I tried this look so many times in the past and ended up looking either sick or hungry. I thought that nude lips always had to be on the shade of beige. And since I have fair skin, beige-nude lipstick made me look so pale that I remember someone asking me if I was sick.

When I became a makeup artist, I realized that nude does not necessarily mean beige. When using nude lipstick, the shade should always be close to your natural lip color.

How do we know what our natural lip color is? Press your lips together for a few seconds and let go. The color of your lips after would be your natural lip tone. Then you can start from there. Choose your nude lippie shade according to your skin tone.

1. If you have fair or pale skin: Avoid beige, as this would make you look sick. Instead, opt for soft pinks or pale apricot.

2. If you have olive-toned skin: You can wear all types of nude lippies, such as beige, pink, and peach.

3. If you have morena skin or a golden tone: Go for creamy, caramel-toned nudes and warm beige. Avoid anything too cool, like grays or silver-toned shades.

Tips for a flawless nude lipstick application:
1. Exfoliate your lips.
2. Emphasize your eye makeup (smokey is a classic option) so your face won’t look too flat.
3. Avoid frosty lipstick textures and choose semi mattes or creamy ones.

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Featured photo from Max Factor

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