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I rarely use deodorant, not because I do not smell, but because I am quite cautious with all these aluminum and cancer-causing ingredients found in most deodorants. I use the commercial kind only when I do some sports (for obvious reasons) and when attending events dressed in something tight (Who wants to see a big, wet circle in the armpit area?). For everyday use, I rotate around these three natural and more organic alternatives:

1. Amber squares


I discovered these when I went to Morocco. In the beginning I did not believe that it could really work as a deodorant, but curiosity got the best of me. It does not stop the perspiration, but—my goodness—my armpit really does smell like incense stick when using amber squares! This is my most favorite deodorant alternative!

2. Baking soda


This is the cheapest alternative and you need to apply only a little amount every day. This really kills any odor-causing bacteria. I normally mix a pinch of baking soda and a little water to create a smooth paste then apply it directly to my armpit. Caution though, it can leave a white mark on your dark clothes!

3. Lemon


Yes, lemon! It does not only whiten your underarms, but also kills pesky odor-causing bacteria. I normally cut a slice and swipe it on my armpits after taking a bath.

Have you tried these natural deodorant alternatives, Bellas? Share your experiences below.

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Photo copyright: cukmen / 123RF Stock Photo (lemon) and pandawild / 123RF Stock Photo (featured photo).

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  1. I have tried baking soda and lemon. My underarm got itchy with the lemon (or calamansi), so I I just use it during night. I still wash the juice so not to irritate. Sometimes, when I’m only at our house, I don’t wear any deos at all.

  2. I’ve tried the baking soda and lemon before. However, I usually get irritated when using lemon, so I use it at night, washing it after. I don’t wear any deo when I just stay at home. Where can I buy amber squares here in PH?

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