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If you’re just like me who still can’t let go of summer, you can still hold on to it somehow by flaunting your tanned skin. Aside from bronze powders, did you know that nail polishes can also help you fake the bake?


The bigger the contrast on your skin and nail color, the tanner you look. Here are nail polish shades that make you look tan:

1. Gold Shimmer


Polishes that contain gold shimmer particles reflect light, so it adds a hint of radiance. It helps make your skin glow and look healthy.

2. Nude


Aside from making your skin look darker, pale nudes are great in concealing nail regrowth. Two beauty purposes in one bottle—perfect!

3. Coral


The reddish or pinkish shade of orange called coral works with almost all skin tones. This pop of color stands out and makes your skin recede and look a bit tanner.

4. Bright colors


Summer may be the best time to flaunt bright colors, but there’s nothing wrong with sporting brights yearlong! Happy colors such as blue and pink not only scream summer but also provide a stark contrast to your skin tone.

Who knew these little bottles of polish can actually work as well as your bronzer? Have fun painting your nails to a tanner you, Bellas!

Valerie Tan is a TV host, events host, and commercial model. She blogs about beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel at Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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