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To get rid of pesky pimples or at best, keep it at bay, you can keep it natural. Chemical treatments should be used sparingly as it can cause long-term damaging effects on our skin. If the pimple is in its early stages and not yet infected, try these home remedies. It might take a longer time to heal but at least you won’t damage the skin.


Pimple-fighting ingredients might just be in your kitchen!


1. Apple cider vinegar. Mix one part vinegar and three parts water. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on the affected area. Vinegar kills the bacteria that cause pimples. Be careful not to use it excessively as it can really dry your skin.

2. Egg whites. This is one of the cheapest alternatives as it can zap and dry out pimple fast. It is also rich in protein, so it will help nourish and rebuild your skin. Use a cotton tip to apply egg whites on your zits, or try applying it all over the face to get rid of excess sebum. Just do not forget to moisturize after as it can be a little drying.

3. Banana peel. Banana contains lutein, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Rub the inner side of a banana peel on the affected area and do not rinse. Don’t forget to eat the banana, too!

4. Garlic. Rub a fresh clove of garlic on your face before you go to bed and see your pimple disappear the next day (and your bedmate, too!). You may have to wash your bedsheets the next day, but this is an effective and potent anti-bacterial treatment.

5. Lemon juice. Very painful especially for cystic acne, but effective since it has some exfoliating properties.

Let me know which of these home remedies worked for zapping your zits, Bellas!

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