Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is BDJ Box?

BDJ Box is a beauty products discovery service for women. We, along with your Beauty Ministry, curate 5-6 deluxe/full sized beauty products monthly. We work extra hard to ensure that you get triple the value of your Php 580 subscription fee. Subscription runs like a magazine, wherein only 11 monthly issues are released per year.

How do I order a BDJ Box?

It’s simple! Create an account at and pick your plan and pay via Paypal or Dragonpay. :)

How do you assign which month’s box I will get?

Our system automatically assigns you a beauty box on the first month a slot is available, immediately after completing your payment.  It follows a FIRST PAID, FIRST SERVED policy, to be fair to all our subscribers. If you want to make sure you’ll get a specific month’s box, you can also email us at to check which month is currently available.

Will I know the content of the box I’ll be receiving?

Na-ah! BDJ Box is supposed to be a monthly surprise for you, Bellas.  We won’t disclose the products and the brands that will be featured every month prior to shipping them out.  That’s how it should be, a surprise! :)

How do you curate the box for me?

We try to mass-customize the products you’ll receive based on your beauty profile.  If we don’t have your profile, we can’t hand-pick the products for you and, thus, it will be randomly assigned.  We encourage you to take your Beauty Quiz first so we’ll have your information once we prepare your BDJ Box.

How do I reserve boxes in advance?

Each user account is differentiated by one email address. This means no ONE email address can have more than ONE – BDJ Box in a month’s time. Thus, if you want to purchase in advance you can simply pay upfront, the payment will be applied immediately to the next beauty box available (that you’re currently not allocated with). If you want a specific month – like your birthday month or Christmas – do email us at that we can adjust your assignment, as long as it’s not yet sold-out. :)

When will I get my box?

BDJ Boxes are released monthly (except for January), generally within the 2nd and 3rd week of the month. You will receive your BDJ Box depending on the month that you have been subscribed. Generally, because of the limited quantities of the BDJ Box, subscribers have paid more or less two months in advance. Thus, to ensure you get the box you want, do pay around 1.5 to 2 months before the month you like. Following our FIRST PAY CONFIRMED, FIRST SERVE policy, we will allocate you the box accordingly. :)

How do I know which Box I’m subscribed to?

You can log-in in your account and check the My BDJBox tab for your Box subscription. :) Also, you can email to ask.

What if I receive an item in the box that I really don't like?

The value we provide as a product discovery subscription service is to give various products, new brands or new variants or releases of old brands, and some favorites we feel are underestimated an opportunity to be featured, discovered and used by our subscribers. We can't guarantee that you'll like 100% of the items inside the box, but we want to give you the experience of trying new products. Yes, this would mean that we won’t be able to please everyone 100% of the time, but we do our best to balance based on product availability, profiles we receive from the girls and our beauty research/knowledge through our experience and our experts (Beauty Ministry).If you don't like the product you received, you might want to give them to your family or friends instead :)

Payment FAQs

Do I have to have an account in BDJBOX.COM in order to purchase a box?

Yes, you need to have an account before you can purchase a box, but don’t worry! Creating an account is free! :)

What are the subscription plans / packages you have?

A.  For one-time payments that can be paid via Dragonpay or Paypal, we have:

1 month prepaid plan

3 months prepaid plan

6 months prepaid plan

What are your payment options?

A. With Paypal: you pay via your Paypal wallet or your credit card. You would need to have an account with Paypal though to use this optionB. With Dragonpay: you can pay via mobile or online banking or over the counter banking or non-traditional outlets. Please note all Dragonpay payments have a payment time/date deadline.

  • Mobile: Smart Money, GCASH
  • Online Banking (your bank account needs to include Dragonpay as one of your registered third-party accounts – to be automatic) / Over the Counter
    • BPI
    • BDO
    • Chinabank
    • Eastwest Bank
    • Metrobank
    • UCPB
    • RCBC
    • PNB
    • Unionbank
  • Non-traditional Outlets
    • Bancnet
    • Megalink
    • LBC
    • SM

Why is there a 2-month wait for BDJ Box assignment?

We have only limited BDJ Boxes for release every month. Following a first paid, first served policy, some subscribers would pay way in advance to ensure they get a BDJ Box. Don’t worry though, each confirmed payment is guaranteed the earliest possible box. :) Hopefully when we’re able to grow our number of boxes released per month, the waiting time will be less. :)

When is the Cut-Off date for next month?

There’s no exact cut-off date for each month. Since we follow FIRST PAID, FIRST SERVED policy, the cut-off per month depends on the when the number of BDJ Boxes would sold-out. This means when a lot more subscribers pay for a certain month, the cut-off date becomes earlier than usual.

How do I know my payment is confirmed?

A.  For Dragonpay transactions, payments should be validated first. If validation is successful, you should receive a PAYMENT CONFIRMATION email from DRAGONPAY.The “how-to” validate procedure is included in the instructions email that will be sent by Dragonpay. This will be dependent on where you choose to pay. Please make sure when you validate your payment that you FINISH the loading times per page, this way the “communication” between Dragonpay servers and ours would not be interrupted.To be sure after your payment email a proof of payment to and for confirmation.B. For Paypal transactions, you should receive a payment confirmation from Paypal.  After this, you should also receive a confirmation from the BDJ Team.  If you haven’t received any confirmation from us, please inform us right away.  This may cause non-allocation of a BDJ Box. 

What if I missed the payment deadline (time/date) as instructed in the email?

Paying with an INVALID/EXPIRED transaction will not be automatically verified by our system. If you paid with an INVALID/EXPIRED transaction number, please email your proof of payment so we can manually confirm your payment and manually allocate a BDJ Box for you.

I changed my mind on the payment method, what do I do?

If you change your mind on your payment method, please cancel your order in your account in, afterwards you can order again. This way your transaction won’t be considered pending in our system and you would not received “pending” payment reminders from us. :D

I didn’t receive a payment confirmation email. What do I do?

Email your proof of payment to

Can I get multiple boxes per month?

We automatically assign 1 BDJ Box per month per subscriber. If you want to have more than one BDJ Box per month – you need to use the “send as gift” option. With the “send as gift” option, you can order multiple BDJ Boxes under your email account.

How do I cancel my order?

The safest way to cancel your order is to email us at

What’s your refund policy?

BDJBox will, in its sole and absolute discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any product purchased within 60 calendar days from the date of purchase. The refund will be NET of our payment portal’s fees/charges, as every incoming payment automatically gets deducted by the payment portal, which we cannot refund anymore.

Shipping and Delivery FAQs

How long does it take to get my box?

We ship more or less 2nd to 3rd week of the month, unless there are circumstances outside our control. We will send an email advise in case there are any delays.Upon ship-out, Metro Manila subscribers will get their box in 1-2 business days. Outside Metro Manila will get their boxes in 2-7 days.If you have not received your box after 7 days from date of shipment announcement, please contact us immediately at

What if I’m not at home when the box is delivered?

If you have provided a mobile number in your account, the courier shall contact you- when they can re-deliver or if you have any authorized personnel to receive your item. If you request a new address for delivery, there the courier will charge a new delivery fee.Please note we have a maximum of 2 delivery visits for each box shipment. “Change of addresses” after the payment are not allowed. This will delay the shipment of BDJ boxes for the whole batch.

Are there delivery charges for my BDJ Box subscription?

No. We offer free delivery within the Philippines.However, in rare cases, we can not deliver in areas that are considered dangerous due to security threats. The BDJ Box may be picked up in the nearest courier branch?

Which courier will you use for my package?

We assign a courier service depending on your location and availability of the logistics provider. We prioritize that your BDJ Box will be received on time. Our BDJ Box logistics provider includes FastTrack, Xend Express, and LBC.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, all BDJ Boxes are currently for the local market at this time.