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Just because the label on that cute bottle says “Baby” and “Kiddie” doesn’t mean they’re exclusively for kids. Here are my favorites:


Mustela Bébé Baby Shampoo
How I use it: My face is sensitive so the wrong product can instantly set off an allergic reaction. Once, when I ran out of cleansing solution for my makeup brushes, I used a mild shampoo instead. Even after washing the brushes thoroughly, my face still broke out in hives! But when I used Mustela Baby Shampoo, the brushes came out squeaky clean and soft, and my face stayed calm. I don’t even buy cleansing solution for my brushes now. I just use Mustela’s shampoo!


Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
How I use it: Baby shampoo is the hairstylist’s secret for clarifying hair of product buildup. It’s also the secret to toning down wild hair color! Yes! I like coloring my hair but when I think my red hair is too vivid, my black is too inky, or my brown too dense, I quickly wash my hair with baby shampoo. It’s gentle on newly dyed hair yet tough on color, so it strips off the dye.


VMV Hypoallergenics Mom & Baby Grandma Minnie’s The Big Brave Boo-Boo Balm
How I use it: This balm is my family’s first aid for scrapes and bug bites, not just for my kids but for me and my husband, too. I also use it for my lips, taming unruly brows, and moisturizing dry cuticles.


Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cleanser
How I use it: I love this no-nonsense, no-fragrance, non-comodegenic cleanser! It’s super gentle and moisturizing so I use it on my kids. But I also use it as a makeup remover when I’m too tired to wash my face. I just apply on my face and wipe off with tissue.


Johnson’s Baby Powder
How I use it: Baby powder was especially useful when I was pregnant. It kept me cool and soothed my itchy skin. I also use it when I run out of anti-perspirant. I use it on my lashes to plump them up before applying mascara. I dust a little on my unwashed hair to absorb oil on my scalp. I use it to detangle snarled necklaces. It’s a very useful product!

How about you, mommy Bellas? What baby products do you personally love?

Frances is a mommy to three little boys but she doesn’t let the busyness of motherhood stop her from trying to look pretty! For more on her stylish adventures as a mom, visit Topaz Mommy or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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Frances Sales

Writer, blogger, and magazine editor for many years, Frances Amper Sales has learned a lot about style and beauty. Yet it was only when she became a wife and mommy (to three cute boys!) that she applied what she knows about skincare, hairstyling and makeup. She realized that she needs to take care of herself now, more than ever! She now shares all that she's learned about mommy care to all you Bellas. Follow her family adventures, too, on Topaz Mommy.

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