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Affordable yet luxurious skincare in Metro Manila, or Taguig most especially, is a unicorn in this day and age. When it comes to skincare, we beauty ministers agree: always consult a pro before doing anything!

Living at the Fort has pushed me to be creative in finding a dermatologist with good reviews, pretty interiors, a reputation on good hygiene, yet not too expensive prices. By some stroke of luck, I discovered a hidden gem at The Fort Strip: Skin Philosophie by Dr. Kyla Talens.


Dr. Talens is a UK-trained dermatologist who understands what it’s like to have skin imperfections. She admits to have started using Tretinoin at the age of 12 and until now.


When I went to Dr. Talens, my main concern was that I often get acne in weird places and I really want to address this. She started by conducting a comprehensive interview on my medical history and meds I’m taking currently. This is because as we grow older, more and more topicals and meds come into play with skincare, as well as treatments. It’s important to consult a dermatologist who would know what would work with our individual conditions.


Dr. Kyla Talens

Dr. Talens ended up recommending monthly glycolic peels and a Tretinoin regimen. According to her, my combination skin could benefit from the bacteria and dead skin pile up every month. This should lessen the breakouts, and matched with the intake of antibiotics plus topical application of tretinoin, I should have better skin soon.


Overall: I love how realistic Dr. Talens is when it comes to giving professional advice. I don’t like it when my dermatologist would suggest all sorts of treatments (that are often expensive and hurt one’s self-esteem). She gave me reasonable advice, is down to earth, listens well, and is not in a rush. She personally tests her own treatments, such as the glycolic peel, and is very hands on with all her clients. Looks like I’ve found my favorite Fort-based derma!

Who’s your favorite derma, Bellas?

Tara Cabullo is a digital marketing professional for a leading telco company by day and a lifestyle blogger whenever she can at Live An Inspired Life. Some days, she writes about money, too.

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