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If you notice in Japanese and Korean pop culture, their actresses and models have this particular look: doll-like faces.

They have a name for this. It’s called ulzzang, which means, “best face,” in Korean. Ulzzang is used to describe a girl or boy who has an attractive or cute face. Popular in the Asian crowd, many girls try to emulate this look, including myself. With just a few things to do and remember, you can look like a cute ulzzang, too! First, what characteristics make an ulzzang face? These are the big eyes, pale/flawless skin, and a small, round face. Basically, you have to look like either a doll or an anime character.

Anyone can achieve this look and here are the steps:

1. Put circle contacts into your eyes.

Circle contacts or circle lens is a cosmetics contact lens that makes the eye’s iris look larger. It gives off an illusion of large, doll-like eyes. It comes in a variety of colors, but the more popular ones are black, brown, and gray. I suggest veering away from black because it looks too unnatural and creepy.

2. For the face, apply pale foundation, sweep on pink blush, and contour your nose.

You may use BB cream, liquid foundation, or airbrush makeup to achieve a light, porcelain, doll-like finish. Sweep on blush in pink. The more pinkish, the better. Contour your nose properly to give the illusion of a small, pointy nose.

3. Apply black or brown eyeliner on your upper eyelid.

4. Apply false lashes.

The idea is to have big, round eyes, and falsies can do wonders.

5. Apply white eyeliner to your lower lash.

Applying white eyeliner on the lower lash makes the eyes look larger. Apply a small dot of shimmer powder on inner corner of the eye. I guarantee you this small step can open up your eyes.

6. Dab clear or pink lipgloss.

With the falsies, the eyes look heavy already so balance it with just lipgloss.

7. Dress cute!

With your cute makeup, you have to finish it off with cute clothes, cute hair, and nail polish. Just remember to stick to being cute and pretty!

Valerie's take on the ulzzang look

Valerie’s take on the ulzzang look

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Valerie Tan is a TV host, events host, and commercial model. She blogs about beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel at Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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