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Do you find yourself in a pickle while shopping for lipsticks? Have you tried so many shades already that you find your lip area red and swollen from all the swatches you’ve tried and wiped off? Fret not, Bellas!

In my early years of being a makeup artist, I worked in a makeup counter, and most of the customers’ purchases are usually lipsticks. I’m a lipstick hoarder myself (I own probably about 100 or more) and I totally get why we all love our lipsticks! It’s a fast way to upgrade a look. Wear a sheer tinted gloss during the day then change to a darker, vampy color for night and the look instantly changes.

I have helped a lot of ladies find the lipstick that they love, and here I am to help you save time and money when you go on your next lipstick shopping trip.

Here’s how:

1. Do your homework.

Just like yoga, know your intention. What shade do you want to buy? Are you looking for a pink shade? Do you want something nude to go with your smoky eyes? Are you going out of your comfort zone to try a blood-red color? Are you looking for an alternative to your favorite lipstick that got discontinued? Once you know what lipstick you want, do your research. There are a lot of blogs out there that feature swatches and reviews. Jot down what you like or what you think would fit you. If you have a friend who has a lipstick from the same brand, try it out first or do a patch test to see how your body reacts. Make a shortlist.

Bambi's lippie collection

Bambi’s lippie collection

2. Swatch and select.

Once you have your initial shortlist, go and visit the makeup counter. This list will help you focus and narrow down your shopping needs so you buy only what you need and commit to that list. Don’t be shy to swatch and try out the testers or ask the makeup artists on counter. That’s what they are there for! When trying lipsticks, we normally swatch at the back of our hands. Try applying your color choices on your fingertips, since the color of your fingertips are the closest approximate to your natural lip color. Choose the colors that you think fit you and narrow down your list.

The secret to testing lipstick swatches: apply it on your fingertips!

The secret to testing lipstick swatches: apply it on your fingertips!

For hygienic purposes, wipe off the top of the lipstick tester with a tissue first. With lipgloss or liquid lipstick, use the cotton buds provided on the counter rather than the doe foot applicator. If you’re trying out more than one shade, try the lightest shade first before the darkest shade. Also try the formulation that’s easier to remove before those that leave a stain (for example, gloss first, then sheer or luster finish, then frost, then creamy, then semi matte, and then matte.) With this, the colors stay true on your lips and you avoid the part when your lip area gets all red from trying out different shades.

Take a step back and see the overall look. Take selfies if you want to know how they’ll look on photos (especially if you’re shopping for a wedding).

3. Road test

We all are different. The shade on our lips may not be the same on our friend’s or a celebrity’s even if it’s the exact brand and shade you bought. Also, some ladies have acidic skin, meaning the color of the lipstick changes once it reacts with the person’s body chemistry. So walk around wearing that lipstick and see how it fits you and how your skin reacts to it. If you like it on you, then go ahead and buy it!

Following these steps can make your next lipstick shopping a breeze. Remember, makeup is an investment and we want to make sure we get our money’s worth.

Bambi Dela Cruz is a makeup artist, Yoga instructor, pole dancer, and cat lover. Visit her blog, Makeup by Bambi and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Bambi Dela Cruz

Bambi Dela Cruz is a makeup artist, Yoga instructor, pole dancer, and cat lover. Visit her blog, Makeup by Bambiand follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Thank you for these tips BDJ Team! I discovered a new way to swatch the lipsticks using the fingers! 😀

  2. You’re welcome Glenda. We’re happy that you find our articles useful. Keep reading and hope you can share the articles too. =)

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