Tips for a Swimsuit-Ready Body

It’s not easy after baby, but a mommy can still brave the beach!

Inside the Bag of Claire Diokno

With 10 years of makeup experience under her belt, professional makeup artist for shu uemura shuMasters team Claire Seelin-Diokno describes her career as the best job in the world. She has done makeup for brides, celebrities, and professional models. Her works have appeared in fashion spreads, editorials, billboards, and print ads. With her signature minimalist […]

Review: Sasatinnie Aqua Cushion Foundation

I am always on the lookout for affordable, good quality makeup. Since I moved to Malaysia, I’ve been a loyal customer of the SaSa Store, which was originally from Hong Kong. I guess this is the Asian equivalent of Sephora. They carry different Asian brands and of course, they also have their own makeup line. […]

By Barbi Chan

Tutorial: How to Rock Blue Eyeshadow

Take advantage of the fact that summer is here and brights are in!

Spotlight: Girlstuff Bloggers’ Elite Summer Nail Polish Collection

Bold new nail polish colors named after blogs are sure to brighten your summer

AA to ZZ: The Guide to Double Letter Makeup

So you have a BB cream, and you’re thinking of buying a CC cream. Wait, there’s a ZZ cream now? The double letter makeup trend actually started with BB creams, even if AA (anti-aging) was already a thing. Confused? Here’s a quick guide to the double alphabet beauty trend. AA Cream Meaning: anti-aging What it […]

By Kate Alvarez

Beauty 101 For Long-Haul Flight

I have traveled quite a lot for the past few years and I noticed that if my flight is longer than eight hours, my skin rebels and erupts into a symphony of redness, pimples, and rashes. As an added bonus, I also noticed more fine lines, especially on my eye area. Through my own trial […]

By Barbi Chan

Review: NIVEA Pure Effect 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes

Moms too tired to wash their face at bedtime now have a quick solution.

Tutorial: Mermaid Curls

If you’re sick of the usual big, sexy supermodel curls you see in magazine editorials and weddings, try its equally sexy but more fun cousin—mermaid curls. Although much tighter and defined, they also give that sexy, fun, carefree look. Wear this in your next night out, summer party, garden wedding, or anytime you want to […]

7 Surprising Habits That Are Aging You

You already know about the common factors that contribute to aging, such as too much sun, smoking, and drinking. But did you know that there are other seemingly innocent habits that make us look older than we really are? 1. Culprit: Driving. You may be inside a car, but the car window (even if it’s […]

By Kate Alvarez

4 Tips for Luscious and Sexy Lips

These past few years, more attention has been given to lips. Hollywood goddess Angelina Jolie’s trademark lips have prompted women to undergo collagen injections just to achieve that look. You don’t need to spend a lot or go under the knife to have that Angelina pout, Bellas! Makeup can do the trick. Here are four […]

By Valerie Tan

Makeup For Working Out

I hit the gym 3-4 times a week. I sweat a lot and whatever I apply on my face would normally be zilch or gone after an hour of intense exercise. Through the years, I managed to discover some products that work like magic and stay put even after a crazy, sweaty sessions. 1. For the […]

By Barbi Chan

Review: Max Factor Excess

Just in time for summer, I got a package from Max Factor—the Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara in Black and Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner in Excessive Aqua, plus a handy pouch to store my travel essentials. Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara This mascara gives you a two-step application: a mega volumizing base and a jet-black […]

By Kate Alvarez