5 Outdated Beauty Rules To Break

Beauty rules serve a purpose. It guides us to what is socially acceptable, but as time evolves, there are rules that have to be updated, or worse, broken and completely forgotten. Outdated rule # 1: Don’t let roots show. With the popularization of ombre hair color, we have come to love the gradual blending of […]

By Valerie Tan

Skincare For Your 20s

I truly believe that your 20s is the golden age group—no wrinkles, firm and taut skin, and you feel like you own the world. How awesome, right? If only I can turn back time. I am now 41 and my skin is not as young as those in their 20s, but for someone my age, […]

By Barbi Chan

Review: Colgate Optic White

Deck: This Toothpaste Made My Teeth Shinier

Video: Davines Treatment at Salon Beauvoir

Got colored, damaged hair like mine? I reviewed one of the most luxurious treatments I’ve tried to date—the Davines Oi Absolute Beautifying Conditioning Treatment. It’s surprisingly good, smells yummy, and it helps that Salon Beauvoir has nice interiors, too! Watch and enjoy, Bellas! Beauty Directory: Salon Beauvoir Upper Ground Floor, Somerset Olympia 7912 Makati Avenue […]

Home Remedies to Fight Acne

To get rid of pesky pimples or at best, keep it at bay, you can keep it natural. Chemical treatments should be used sparingly as it can cause long-term damaging effects on our skin. If the pimple is in its early stages and not yet infected, try these home remedies. It might take a longer […]

By Barbi Chan

5-Minute Makeup Tutorial

There’s no excuse to looking good even if you’re busy or plain lazy. I’ve come up with a step-by-step guide on getting your simple makeup done in just five minutes. 1. Apply concealer on dark circles or pimples. This step will help even out your skin tone. 2. Put pressed powder on your whole face. […]

By Valerie Tan

Apply Your Skincare Products In The Right Order

Maximize the benefits of your beauty potions

By Barbi Chan

Tutorial: Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are very sexy, but could be a challenge to create. The harsh colors of black and grey can intimidate most girls, especially the makeup newbies. It’s actually not that hard to achieve this look, Bellas! With simply steps and enough practice, you can master the smokey eye. Here’s how: It’s that simple, Bellas! […]

By Valerie Tan

Fruits and Veggies That Made My Skin Look Better

I agree that beauty comes from the inside. I noticed that whenever my diet is unhealthy, my skin is not as good or as clear as I want it to be. When I incorporated healthier choices in my diet, I noticed that certain fruits and vegetables really do have a positive effect on the texture […]

By Barbi Chan

Preggy Picks

OB-approved skincare and makeup products I swear by!

Festival Frostings

Summer may be over in the Philippines, but music and art festivals happen year-round. Whether you’re heading to the US or Europe to attend the likes of Coachella or are just staying home to soak up whatever’s left of the perennial tropical weather, here are five fun ways to up your festival OOTDs. 1. Metallic […]

By Kate Alvarez

Attending a Wedding? Get Blo’d!

If you’re like me, attending weddings left and right this season, then you must be thinking about your hair. I find that makeup on myself is easy peasy—but doing my own hair? I can’t do this at all. I’m so glad that I discovered my little secret: Blo Me Dry. What to expect: Each blow […]

Video: Wedding Makeup and Hair

Are you at that age where you’re invited to so many weddings that you’ve worn your favorite formal gown one too many times? I hear you, Bellas! Aside from the dress problem, there’s also the issue of wearing weatherproof and classic makeup that will look good in the bridal album and all those Instagram photos. […]

By Kate Alvarez