What Exactly To Pack In Your Travel Kikay Kit

Be a jet-setting beauty with this handy list of carry-on beauty must-haves that’ll have you looking polished and pretty from check-in to landing.

Bath Buddies

In this day and age, we have a massive amount of bath products available to us. If you scan the supermarket aisle that holds all the shampoos, conditioners, bath gels and soaps, you might get confused as to what product you should get. Although price tags and brand names may sometimes equate to a better product, it is not always the case. Everyone has different preferences and more importantly, everyone’s bodies react differently to beauty products. If you are trying to find the perfect partner for your bath gel or soap, here are a few ideas:

What’s Inside My Kikay Kit?

Barbi Chan says, “I always like the feeling of being “complete” so if I am ever in a situation where I might need something, I know I have it.”

Gone Too Soon

You know the feeling you get when you find out that your favorite food on the menu was phased out because it wasn’t selling well? What about finding out that your favorite restaurant closed because they’re not getting enough customers? It’s the same feeling I get whenever I find out that a beauty product or brand I like has been pulled out of the shelves. Here are three short-lived items that I badly wish would make a comeback in the Philippine market. Oh, the nostalgia!

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