You’ll love this spooky, easy-to-do mani.


Q&A at the BDJ Box Beauty Social

Find out beauty ministers Kate Alvarez, Tara Cabullo, and Nicole Romero’s answers to some of the bellas’ toughest kikay dilemmas.


The Beauty of Exercise

“Endorphins make you happy!” Remember this proverbial line from the cult favorite chick flick, Legally Blonde? While Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods may be oversimplifying it, exercising gives more than just a rush of joy. Here are five reasons why you should start sweating it out: Beauty minister Tara Cabullo takes an advanced class of […]

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Lulu Nails & Dry Bar

This nail hideaway is the perfect place to sneak in some “me” time.


Luxe Love: Five Hand Creams to Try

It’s no secret that I am making a beeline to becoming a junior Martha Stewart. At the last BDJ Box tutorial shoot (where we talked about makeup, ate pizza, and had lots of girly fun), I blabbed to everyone about how I am leaning more and more towards housework. The problem with constantly using my […]

Natural Ways to Look Healthy

As much as we all love perfectly arched eyebrows, a matte lip, and a smooth pore-less skin, what is inside your body also matters. Everyday we encounter pollution, are forced to eat processed food, and sometimes face rain and nasty floods. At some point, we all need to revert to the natural ways of making […]

Cold Country Essentials

Things to remember when going to the other side of the world

This Way to Beauty Blogging

The phrase “beauty blogger” has been close to my heart for the last five and a half years. I started blogging in the late ’90s, way back when the Internet started. Back then, Blogger and WordPress didn’t exist and I was blogging on a platform called Diaryland. At that time, I had been anonymously blogging […]

Tutorial: How to Remove Tough Nail Polish

The proper way to remove gel polish and thick nail art

By Kate Alvarez

Spa Etiquette: The Dos and Donts of the Spa World

Spa days are what most girls would relate to as freedom. At least I know I do. When the work makes one weary, and the days spell exhaustion, a glass of wine to unwind and a day at the spa is in order. Spa days are awesome for the soul, don’t you agree? With the […]

Tipping 101

Ah, tipping. Even beauty editors and salon addicts are baffled with how much they should really tip the attendants at the salon. For years I’ve asked fellow beauty gurus and salon loyalists about tipping, but I get various and vague answers each time, leaving me even more confused. In the US, the standard salon tip […]

By Kate Alvarez

Polish Tips For Healthier Nails

If you’re a manicure addict, you’ll want to read these tips.


Goodnight Girl

Bedtime products to pamper yourself.

By Kate Alvarez