Tutorial: How to Apply Falsies

Truth: While it’s easy for me to do it on my clients, I have a difficult time putting this on myself! More often than not, I end up sticking the lash on my lids and saying to myself, “this is why people hire people like me to put this on them!” When I was starting […]

5 Outdated Beauty Rules To Break

Beauty rules serve a purpose. It guides us to what is socially acceptable, but as time evolves, there are rules that have to be updated, or worse, broken and completely forgotten. Outdated rule # 1: Don’t let roots show. With the popularization of ombre hair color, we have come to love the gradual blending of […]

By Valerie Tan

5 Ways to Rescue Sun-Damaged Skin

Summer is the best time to get a golden tan, but too much sun can wreak havoc on your skin. What starts as a rosy, golden glow can easily turn into dry, peeling, and sunburnt skin if you overdo it! If you’re suffering from sun-damaged skin, here are beautification steps you can take. 1. Apply […]

By Barbi Chan

Quick Tip For Eyebrows

Here’s how you can make plucking ouch-free.


Quiz: Are You A Makeup Diva?

Take this fun quiz to find out!

By Barbi Chan

Video: Makeup Brushes For Every Budget

Beauty Minister Nicole Romero gives us the scoop on some of her favorite and investment-worthy makeup brushes. For more beauty tips and tricks, visit Nicole’s blog, Beauty and Sparkle, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Video by Roanne Aujero


My Favorite Online Sellers

I am an addict when it comes to fashion and beauty. I love shopping online especially if I feel tamad to go out. Sometimes I look at my friends’ Instagram accounts to research on the latest beauty and fashion stuff that hit the market. I am not brand conscious and I love discovering locally manufactured […]

By Barbi Chan

How To Cover Up Stress

Last month, my fellow Beauty Minister Frances Sales shared her tricks to looking fresh even after a sleepless night. But even with enough sleep, we sometimes look tired and exhausted after a long, stressful day at work. Here are a few beauty tips to help you revive your aura: 1. Use peach blush as it […]

By Barbi Chan

Beware the Foot Spa!

Our favorite relaxing kikay treat can put our toes at risk!

Review: Tung Brush And Gel

This is my first time to review and write about something that is outside my line of expertise. I was quite amazed when I tried out this set of tongue cleaners. We’ve all had the dreaded bad breath at least once in our lives, right? The causes of bad breath are: 1. poor oral hygiene […]

By Barbi Chan

The Road to “I Woke Up Like This”

Narcissism aside, there are those uninterrupted eight-hour sleeps we have, where we get to wake up fresh as a daisy with glowing skin and perfect hair. What exactly happened, right? Yours truly took notes those days and I compiled them below so that next time, you can make “I woke up like this” happen. 1. […]

Review: Venus Freeze

Barbi’s quest for tighter skin continues…

By Barbi Chan

Tutorial: How To Mattify Your Lipstick

I have another makeup trick for you budget Bellas! Instead of purchasing a highly-pigmented matte lipstick that is all the rage these days, you can mattify your regular shiny lipstick using a few tools you already have in your makeup kit. Here’s how: Photos by Roanne Aujero

By Barbi Chan