The cosmetic brand “CANMAKE” started in 1986.

It is a brand endorsed not only by teenagers and young office workers, but also by professional makeup artists because of its cute packaging, vivid colors and natural ingredients that doesn’t hurt even the most sensitive skin.

For more than 20 years, Canmake has been well-loved by millions of make-up aficionados all over Asia. The reason lies in our consistent concept of “Cute, High quality, and Reasonable prices.” Because of our innovative products and constant reinvention of our items, the number of repeat customers is increasing daily.

In fact, we’ve set-up eye-catching kiosks and department displays that surely leave our fans in awe. In the past few years, Canmake have expanded into the Asian markets, and moreover as part of our promotional activities, we operated local websites, placed magazine ads, and conducted in-store promotional campaigns for new product launches.

Currently, Canmake is available in most Asian countries with Japan, Taiwan and Korea having the most number of stores. Canmake will soon open its first exclusively distributed store in the Philippines this 2014!

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