About Us

BDJ BOX was created to help every Filipina who is experiencing a hard time choosing which products best fit them. With the help of our beauty and fashion experts, we’ll try our best to customize a beauty box for each subscriber.

The goal of BDJ Box is to help them discover, get, and experience the best things about beauty, fashion, events, and etc. BDJ Box is here to help you have confidence in beauty products that are perfect for you. We hope to partner with every woman’s journey to satisfying beauty in living their lives to the fullest.

Our Company

BDJ Box is the newest beauty box of the makers of Belle de Jour Power Planner – the ultimate fashionista lifestyle planner for every modern Filipina. Fulfilling its vision from the company name “Viviamo” which means “We Live”, the BDJ Team is off to crafting tools that will help people live out their ultimate life. Starting with the Belle de Jour Power Planners, the BDJ Team envisions products that empower Filipinos to -try, dare, fail, succeed, experience-live.