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So you have a BB cream, and you’re thinking of buying a CC cream. Wait, there’s a ZZ cream now? The double letter makeup trend actually started with BB creams, even if AA (anti-aging) was already a thing. Confused? Here’s a quick guide to the double alphabet beauty trend.

AA Cream
Meaning: anti-aging
What it does: It wasn’t really part of the double alphabet craze, but for the sake of being OC, AA simply refers to anti-aging moisturizers, eye creams, and other beauty products that promise to delay the signs of aging.


BB Cream
Meaning: beauty balm or blemish balm
What it does: It’s a moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation in one, but some brands add bonus functions such as oil control and whitening.


CC Cream
Meaning: color correcting or complexion corrector
What it does: CC cream lessens the appearance of dark spots, sunspots, and other skin imperfections. It has SPF and moisturizing features, but it focuses mainly on concealing.


DD Cream
Meaning: daily defense, double defense, or dynamic do-all
What it does: It has more functions than the BB cream. It’s a primer, SPF, anti-aging cream, moisturizer, pore and wrinkle minimizer, concealer, foundation, skin brightener, and soothing cream in one. However, unlike the more established BB cream, DD cream is still in its early stages and it needs to iron out some kinks.


EE Cream
Meaning: even effect
What it does: Estée Lauder called dibs on this one. They launched the first EE cream last year, and it focuses on evening out the skintone. Other brands are thinking of coming up with EE creams as well, except that they want to change the meaning.


ZZ Cream
Meaning: zit zapper
What it does: Local brand Happy Skin decided to skip the rest of the alphabet after E and go straight to Z. They launched their zit-zapping foundation last year, and beauty bloggers have been raving about it.


What’s your favorite double-letter makeup, Bellas?

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Photos from Avon, Celeteque, Estée Lauder, Happy Skin, Pond’s, and Pur Minerals

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