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Who knew that this clear tub that’s been hanging long in your medicine cabinet can actually have a lot of beauty uses? It’s a staple in most makeup artists’ kits. Aside from healing chapped lips, diaper rash, cuts, bruises, and newly minted tatts, petroleum jelly has many other uses.


1. Overnight foot treatment

Are you like me who’s barefoot most of the time that your heels crack? Slather petroleum jelly on your cracked heels in a massaging, warming motion. Put on some socks and then go to sleep. You will wake up with better feet in the morning.

2. Groom unruly brows.

So you’re having a bad brow day? Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your eyebrows and brush it with a spoolie.

3. Moisturize rough spots.

Rub some petroleum jelly on your elbows, knees, ankles, or if you’re a pole dancer on your off-pole day, the back of your knee where skin needs more love. I personally do this at night before I go to bed, since petroleum jelly on the skin feels quite heavy for daytime use.

4. Tame baby hairs.

Rub just a tiny, tiny amount of petroleum jelly (too much can make the hair greasy) to tame baby hairs and you can have the perfect slicked-back bun that even the strictest ballet teacher would approve.


5. Make your own DIY lipgloss.

Mix petroleum jelly with any lipstick shade (or a combination of lipstick shades) to make your own tinted lipgloss or tint that’s less sticky than the ones that come in a tube.

6. Coloring prep

If you’re going DIY with your hair coloring, rub some petroleum jelly on the skin around your forehead and ears to prevent patches of hair color from staining the skin.

7. As a body highlighter

Use a bit of petroleum jelly on the center of your legs, collarbones, and shoulders to create highlights. For shiny lids like Cher, dab some petroleum jelly on your eyelids. Since petroleum jelly can be quite heavy, I only do this trick in photo shoots.

Petroleum jelly sure has a lot of uses that go beyond first aid. Do you have other ways of using petroleum jelly, Bellas? Share your tips and tricks in the comments section below.

Bambi Dela Cruz is a makeup artist, yoga instructor, pole dancer, and cat lover. Visit her blog, Makeup by Bambi and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Bambi Dela Cruz

Bambi Dela Cruz is a makeup artist, Yoga instructor, pole dancer, and cat lover. Visit her blog, Makeup by Bambiand follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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