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One of the compliments a woman loves hearing is, “You look great!” Well, sometimes you don’t need to exert much effort or energy to look better.

Here are a few simple and quick tips to achieve a better-looking you:

TV host Valerie Tan shares her secrets to looking great.

TV host Valerie Tan shares her secrets to looking great.

1. Dye hair
Dyeing hair in a lighter shade helps brighten up your face and skin color. Highlights would help, too. The lighter the hair, the more attention you will get from people. But remember, 1-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color is more often enough. Too light of a color could distract people from looking at your face.

2. Whiten teeth
Some may argue about the sensitivity this procedure would cause to your pearly whites, but hey, beauty has its price. I’ve had my teeth whitened twice and I choose a lower percentage of bleach so as not to harm my teeth too much. With whiter and brighter teeth, you’ll have more confidence in showing off your smile.

3. Wear a white top
A white top is a clothing essential. Aside from looking casual chic, wearing a white top is like having a reflector below your face. It brightens up your face instantly.

4. Wear an all-black ensemble
Expect to “lose” 5-10 lbs. by wearing an all-black outfit. The dark color hides the bulges and makes you look slimmer.

5. Wear high heels
With the added height and improved posture, high heels is a no-brainer. Wear it and instantly increase your appeal.

Beauty does come from within. But with these simple tips, you’ll have more confidence to face the world.

Valerie Tan is a TV host, events host, and commercial model. She blogs about beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel at Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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