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Beauty rules serve a purpose. It guides us to what is socially acceptable, but as time evolves, there are rules that have to be updated, or worse, broken and completely forgotten.

Many makeup rules of yesteryear no longer apply today.

Many makeup rules of yesteryear no longer apply today.

Outdated rule # 1: Don’t let roots show.

With the popularization of ombre hair color, we have come to love the gradual blending of one color hue with another. There are more drastic variants though, with the fading of the natural hair color to more striking colors like pink and blue. Its low maintenance nature makes it more attractive to most women.

Outdated rule # 2: Blush is only for the cheeks.

Blush’s purpose is to mimic the natural flush of your face and this is not limited to the cheeks. When we get flustered, our nose and forehead gets red, too. So sweep blush on the apples of your cheek and a little on your nose, bridge, and forehead.

Outdated rule # 3: Color of hair and eyebrow should match.

For those with light-colored hair, you can have your eyebrows one shade darker. Too light or too blonde eyebrows makes one look washed out. Darker brows can help give you smoldering eyes.

Outdated rule # 4: Never apply makeup with fingers.

As long as your hands are clean, feel free to apply concealer and foundation using your ring finger. The ring finger has the lightest touch so it avoids pulling and tugging of your face that may cause wrinkles, especially around the eye area.

Outdated rule # 5: Blue and purple eyeshadows are tacky.

Frosted blue and purple remind people of the ’80s. But there are updated pop shades that can look modern. Stick to navy or eggplant shades in matte form. When applied properly, these colors are irresistible and sexy.

Which outdated makeup rules are you guilty of, Bellas?

Valerie Tan is a TV host, events host, and commercial model. She blogs about beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel at Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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